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Are you a lover of piano music? A keen piano amateur? Or perhaps a budding professional pianist? Do you dream of playing piano? It does not have to be a dream - it can be a reality.

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I studied piano performance, pedagogy and musicology and have mixed the Russian, German, French and British traditions pf pianism as well as intellectualism. I would like to share the joy of music and of playing the piano with curious people who are keen to learn.

In a nutshell:

"The piano is the nearest that civilized Western man has come, in five, thousand years, to creating the universal musical instrument. Its full name, the Pianoforte, acknowledges only one of its qualities, and one which it shares with most other means of musical sounds-production: the ability to make both piano and forte, quiet and loud. The name sounds like a truism: a violin, a harp or a trumpet, after all, can do the same. And yet that very quality, obvious as it may be, is also the key to the piano's historical success, and to its eventual supremacy. The piano is capable of producing loud and soft sounds: but much more important is the fact that its sounds can be very loud or very soft. It can lend discreet support to the shyest chamber soloist, and it can hold its own (and better) against the forces of a full symphony orchestra in the largest concert hall. It is the range, the extent, the capacity of the piano in every one of its many capabilities that make it unique."

From Dominic Gill's The Book of the PIANO (Phaidon, 1981)

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